What is CrossFit ?




One of the number one reasons people seek us out is because they are bored out of their minds at their regular gyms.

At Reebok CrossFit 09, your workouts are different every day! This means more motivation and enthusiasm for training, as well as always challenging your body in new ways, for optimal results.


Everything we do in CrossFit is natural; movements that you will find in everyday life - squat, lift, push, pull, carry, drag, throw, jump, sprint.   We work movements not muscles, we don't isolate your biceps or triceps, we do pullups, or press a barbell over our heads.  This means you are working every muscle in your body at every opportunity and it highlights how important building a bullet proof core really is.


This comes LAST. We won't lie to you, you have to work hard here, but you choose the intensity and we ensure it fits with YOUR fitness level and technique.  Most importantly we NEVER compromise on form.  Exceptional movement is what we stand for, it is what will keep you safe and is the fastest way to achieving your goals.

Everyone is at a different level when they walk through our doors and that is the beauty of training here with us, everyone is working at different levels and we personalise it to you.

What we do inside these walls is a training system that prepares you for whatever life can throw at you. We are going to help you build a bulletproof body.



The best thing about CrossFit is that anyone can do it, ANYONE!!!.

And before you say "I need to get fitter first"... why would you come to us if you were already fit?
One of our clients was 72 years old and hadn't done anything for 40 years.. your "I need to get fit first' excuse is not valid

This is the most common misconception we hear on a daily basis!

If this was true then why would you bother coming to us?! You would already be fit right??

We are here to get you fit, strong, flexible and feeling good but most importantly you come to us to learn how to become bullet proof for YOUR everyday life.. so you can play your sport, pick up your kids, put a stop to the constant niggle back pain and be empowered to feel awesome doing it all.

Don't bother attempting to hit the pavement before you come in, that will only leave you with sore knees and a tight back! We will ease you into it carefully, that's what we are here for!

Is CrossFit really for everyone?

It sure is!

The age of our members range from 5 years old to 70+ years old! But that isn't the most important part, we work with every injury you can imagine, moonboots, casts, dislocations, tired tight shoulders, sore backs, painful knees. 

We specialise in Rehab.