How do I get Started?

Reebok CrossFit 09 community


Step 1. The Consultation

No Sweat, literally.  We will sit down and chat. 

We want to hear what you want from us, then come up with a plan of what we can do for you.  We want to make sure your time with us is a success and that means we need to get to know you, and you us.

Step 2. The Induction Programme

SIX One on One Private Coaching sessions

Before you can join the main classes you will be required to complete our Induction Program. 

We do things a little differently here. Our induction program consists of SIX one on one sessions.. They are extremely comprehensive and all focused on exactly what YOU need. Each session is personalised so you get the most out of your fitness journey.  

These sessions will teach you about movement, we will assess your mobility and create plans of action.  We talk mindset, how we are going to achieve your goals and we will start looking at your nutrition.  You will be getting fitter and stronger from day one.

Our Induction Program is $450, subsequent months are on one of our monthly membership options.

We ask for a 3 month initial commitment,  we need to know you are willing to give it a really good shot.

Step 3. Choose a membership option