Stick to it


Results from some outstanding NuSI-backed studies came out this year.

The fourth and largest one, conducted at Stanford, randomised 600 overweight-to-obese subjects into either, low-FAT or low-CARB diets for a year, and also looked at whether or not their weight loss could be explained by their metabolism or their DNA. 

The study found NO differences between the two diets and NO meaningful relationship between weight loss and insulin secretion (ie blood glucose rise in response to food).

The most significant finding of all........was that it’s hard to stick to a diet for a whole year.

So the real secret it appears, is first finding what type of diet will get you the results you want.

And then following it. 

And sticking with it.

Same would apply to exercise.

Yes there are important principles that should be followed - functional movement, strength elements, mobility, sustainable aerobic work. But apply that in a way that works for you - yoga, swimming, hiking, tennis, surfing, gym, soccer. Generally a combination of at least two is needed to tick enough boxes.

Then you have to stick with it.

Sticking with it is the hardest thing.

But if you can find elements such as accountability and support, challenge and reward, mindfulness, fun and of course results, you'll get there.


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Darren Ellis