Art or Science?

That's the first couple weeks of our new program phase down.  How did you find it so far?  Main changes are more classical strength movements, some extra accessory work in between sets, plus a little more intensity/puff in the conditioning pieces.

Sometimes I’ll hear from someone that “they are LOVING the programming lately!”   Funny, because it always seems to correlate with a few workouts that they did really well at…  :)

Everyone has workouts they love and workouts they're not so fond of. And while we do run through different phases of programming throughout the year, the over riding theme remains the same.  Because our main goal is well rounded fitness.


So you’ll always see skill practice, strength work, and short, interval or longer low intensity conditioning pieces.  That works better than anything else we’ve seen.  The science is pretty firmly behind that.

But science also likes us to stick to upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday, cardio on Wednesday and repeat……

And while that might work fairly well, it’s kind of boring……

Mixing it up requires a bit of art.   We’re not trying to make things random, something that is often levelled our way.  VARIANCE is the key.   And to program in 20-30 different movements over the month, maintaining some balance is a tough ask.  It takes a lot of time and thought to program 9 weeks of solid training for 100's of people of different ages and fitness levels, all with different goals, strengths, and weaknesses. To be honest, there is no guarantee that it will work 100% of the time, for 100% of you.  It usually takes a little trial and error, watching how you all go, keeping an eye on the PR Board, and adjusting if needed.

The aim is to ensure you all make the best progress possible, that we protect you from injury and overtraining and that you have fun of course!  Sometimes that means you end up doing workouts you NEED rather than workouts you WANT…..    But it’s the combo of both that works.

Darren Ellis