Life Lessons...


Many coaches will tell you that hard work in the gym/on the sports field, teaches you life lessons and makes you a better person.

I concur.

As long as you aren’t learning how to:

  • avoid things you don’t like

  • use effort as a substitute for understanding

  • avoid failure in front of your peers

  • chase objective measures and ignore subjective ones.

  • create the appearance of working hard

Hard work should teach you:

  • discipline

  • deep practice

  • empathy

  • positive self talk

  • mental and physical flow

  • a beginners mind

  • humility

One of my favourite quotes is 'how you do anything, is how you do everything'. Picture how you deal with roadblocks, difficulties, frustrations and failure in your life, then think about those same situations in the gym or sport practice.

Any correlation?


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Darren Ellis