The best advice is simple advice


"In all forms of strategy, it is necessary to maintain the combat stance in everyday life and to make your everyday stance your combat stance."

-Miyamoto Mushashi

Hopefully you are not encountering too much actual combat in your every day life, but no doubt there are other forms of, while not life-threatening, still fairly stressful situations dealt with on a regular basis.

Both mental and physical labour at work

Postural demands - either acute or chronic (sitting or standing for long periods)

Running for the bus/train, or across the street

Playing with your kids

Gardening and other home maintenance

Carrying all the groceries in one trip......

In The Gift Of Injury by Stuart McGill, world renowned spine expert, dealt with a world champion powerlifter, who had all but given up hope of rehabbing a devastating back injury.

Dr McGills advice? In a nutshell, fix your crappy posture and lift things properly.....

The exercises and habits that helped the subject of the book fight his way back to the podium, were in large part the simple dead bugs, bird dogs and planks that we perform here daily., along with the unyielding adherence to efficient and safe movement.

Despite writing The Book Of Five Rings nearly 400 years ago, Mushashi was spot on about posture.

Make good posture your normal posture, and then that normal posture will help you lift heavy things as though they are normal.... (not quite as eloquent, but more to the point....:)


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Darren Ellis