It's not uncommon to hear these words occasionally, ‘I’m not really that competitive...’

Or, 'I don’t care about my recording my scores I just want to come in, switch off and workout... ‘

We talked about this last week in fact, but I have more to say :)

While there is no doubt that in a facility like ours, that is coach-centric and movement focused, you can probably get away with training here for YEARS, with very little awareness or understanding of the why and the how behind our training principles, yet STILL get fitter. 

But on the other hand, you might find that a disconnected and disinterested attitude to the why behind your training, means you’ll hit a plateau in progress or motivation far too soon.

Human kind has sought to understand the why behind everything from biology to quantum physics  to the territorial behaviours of the North East African hyena.....

You don't have to care about that stuff, but acknowledging it's existence and understanding how it affects you is important.

Same goes for your training.

If you care about what you're doing, you'll get better at it.

TRAINING 27.05.19 Week 7/9

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Darren Ellis