During my post graduate studies, I was fascinated by research showing that (despite what your mother told you when she caught you drinking) new brain cells CAN be made.

On a recent flight, which is always a chance to consume a bunch of TED Talks, there was a great video from the enthusiastic and contagiously happy neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki, that reminded me about this often overlooked fact in our body obsessed but psyche negligent society.

Exercise releases ‘good mood’ neurotransmitters. 

So why do some people still go home unhappy?
If you’re constantly worrying about how much you lift, what the others are thinking about you then you’re literally going to override those happy 'neuro-T's'!  

Maybe it's tough to ditch the baggage accumulated from a tough day, and you're already too deep in the hole for any happy hormones to pull you out?

Think about that.
Exercise equals happiness.


It’s simply a chemical reaction. Just show up, work out and go home happy.

EXCEPT you went and neutralised it, by getting all up in your own head......

Hey, to be fair, that’s our lot as humans, it would be nice if we could live in the present like a dog or a cheetah but we can’t, and it's a big part of why we evolved as the dominant species.

But maybe, just maybe, we could practice not caring about how good we are, and also practice how much fun we can have, learning, interacting and exploring.

And with a little practice, maybe we can make this one hour at the gym, the best hour of our day, instead of yet another form of stress?

We promise to do our part to help make it so. 

Darren Ellis