Good not great


It's better to be great at being good than to try to be perfect.

Most of us, if questioned would say we don't really believe in perfection, yet quite often, our actions suggest otherwise.

We have a lot of people on unlimited memberships, yet the average attendance gym wide is 2.8 x per week. And the conversations I have with some people are around the disappointment that the planned 5 x per week wasn't met. But if we go off the stats, even achieving 3 x would be an improvement, 4 x would be an exceptional improvement!

Setting a low bar is not what we've been raised to believe in, and not what social media would have us think is a good strategy for success. However, a low bar provides a standard we can achieve, and then with the confidence that comes from that achievement, we can build further from there.

It's better to aim for good rather than perfect. Good is a lot more probable than perfect. Good is a lot less stressful and disappointing than the desire for perfect.

Being good, over and again actually starts to look like perfect consistency.

And perfect practice makes....?


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Darren Ellis