See what we did there??

Back in the early, underground days of functional fitness, there was a certain braggadocio around this stuff.  We were all kinds of proud that we were training harder than most people would dare, in a way that most people didn't understand.  It was like we'd discovered a secret, and the magic words were 'smoke you like cheap crack'.

Like so many other gyms at the time, we had the arrogant t-shirt that stated, "your workout is our warmup".


It's funny to think that these days, we could just as easily write the exact opposite on our apparel.

Our programming, following the principle of being constantly varied (to keep us ready for the unknown and unknowable), means by fairly obvious definition, that it is different every day.

Certain training days however,  due to their lower volume, intensity or loading, can be perceived to be less effective, or less challenging, than the days that are the sweatiest, the heaviest, the longest, the most testing.

But imagine a school student asking the teacher for more exams.

That would never happen right?  But even if it did, the teacher wouldn’t allow it, knowing full well that more exams don’t make a smarter student, studying does!!

That’s what we do.

We study movement.

And we've found that in order for our community to remain committed to and excited by their study for many years, some of this study needs to slow, methodical 'reading' as opposed to a 2am, caffeine fuelled cram!

The charter of mechanics, consistency, intensity applies whether you're new to this training, or a grizzled veteran.  Neglecting the deep practice of the skill based mechanics means you might be also neglecting key study time.

Don't wish the study days were exams, or you may find the exams too hard to pass.....

Darren Ellis