The body is an incredibly adaptive and resilient organism.

It is built to survive hunger, heat, cold and also excessive exertion........

That's right, your body is programmed to take it easy.

After all, ain't no one going to survive no floods and famine, if they just ran around all day using up valuable energy.

Everything you do in the gym, your body needs to be convinced is a good idea.

Why should it use valuable energy and precious protein to build more muscle than the bare minimum you really need to stay alive?

Why should it do something so stupid as to burn up precious bodyfat, when you might need it during the winter?

Did you know that if you eat less food, your brain will automatically lower your temperature, make you fidget less,  and want to sit down more to try and counteract your diet?  And the more you exercise, the hungrier you get.

The body is efficient.

Now, we preach efficient movement all the time, in the context of safe movement, and mastery of movement.

But if you get too good at it, you'll actually be working less harder relatively to someone less experienced.

So of course, we still want you to move better but you should also be continuously looking for things that are hard to move better on.

This can be as simple as learning a new exercise or progression, adding 5kg to the barbell, or turning up on the days that contain things you're not fond of....

Getting good at thrusters running and snatches helps you work harder but don’t neglect the things you are bad at.

They will not only improve your overall fitness but the extra work required to struggle with these inefficient movements, will burn more fat and build more muscle.

We want you to learn efficiency.

We want you to seek inefficiency.

That applies to everything outside the gym as well.

Darren Ellis