One of the gyms’ codes of conduct that you see up on the wall states that “how you do anything in here, is how you do everything out there.”

It’s a reminder that your attitude in the gym and approach to training will reflect your approach to aspects of you life outside of the gym. Turning up, giving it all you got, being supportive, doing the work, caring about your body.

What you do out there, affects what you do in here, too!

It is cliché, but your daily workout is a small wheel in the big machine of health and fitness. And it’s arguably the easiest to do. The brainwork behind what to do is taken care of; you have coaches guiding you on how to do it and they keep you accountable; and you’re a part of a group environment that is one of support and camaraderie.

However, training, as Daz likes to put it, is part of what depletes our account. The long term benefit of that is adaptation and therefore increased health and fitness. But in the short term, training is one of the stressors we’re exposed to. And the greater the stress (more training), the more we need to do to recover.

What we do outside of training restores the balance in our account. It enables us to better adapt to the training stimulus, but more importantly, it keeps us healthy in the game for longer.

Cooling down after class, eating well most of the time, getting enough sleep, switching off from all the noise (devices, TV, radio and the constant barrage to our senses), chiro and/or physio maintenance sessions, lots of sunlight—these are all things you can start improving NOW.

Taking care of your health and performance is taking care of what you do in AND out of the gym.

Darren Ellis