We’re into the tail end of this training block now.

A focus of this block has been strength development, and one of the methods we’ve employed to achieve that is linear periodisation. That method involves progressively increasing load (weight moved) and/or decreasing volume (total number of reps) over the course of the program for particular exercises.

We have been using the front squat, deadlift and push press as the primary strength movements, and because of the linear periodisation method we’ve repeated those movements every week. Given that many of us were attracted to (and have continued doing) CrossFit because of the constant
variety, and variance is a big part of what we advocate, a periodised approach to training may seem counterintuitive. However, variance is structured, not random.

Repetition is necessary to elicit change in all aspects of fitness. You need to be repeatedly exposed to a stimulus (e.g. heavy front squats) to encourage change (getting stronger). Variety in strength training, albeit subtle, is layered in through changing sets and reps, load, day of the week, and what else you do in the session.

Although structured, it’s far from the routine of legs on Mondays and upper body on Wednesdays 😉
And while the approach is linear, it often doesn’t feel like it in training when today’s 80kg feels like last week’s 100kg! What matters is repeated exposure to that movement. Remember, while strength was a focus of this block, we did not bias the training towards it. That would have required other areas of fitness to be neglected while targeting strength, and that wouldn’t be constantly varied! We’ve still been hitting all other nine aspects of fitness and that’s where you’ve been exposed to significantly more variety. Each training block will also have a different look and feel while
still improving overall fitness.
When we’re striving for mastery in movement and the aim of the game is lifelong health and fitness, a bit of repetition is healthy (and 12 weeks is a short time  ).

- Coach Imtiaz

Darren Ellis