“IF YOU NEED DEADLINES….... to do your best work…


Make some up.

There’s no shame in that. In fact, it’s a brilliant hack."

- Seth Godin


Four times per year, we spend a whole week setting baselines for various physical efforts, and then four more times per year, we re-test those baselines after 2 months of focused training.

Also, we have various benchmarks, challenges and competitions sprinkled tantalisingly throughout the year, just to check in on progress and keep us honest.

What we do may be constantly varied, but it's certainly not random.

Random implies a lack of planning.  And that's just bringing a knife to the gun fight that is fitness.

Do you best to record as many baselines as you can this week, and then use the looming deadline of retesting (Sept 10th, put it in your calendar) to keep you focused, consistent and excited about training through these cold, wet, dark months.

Darren Ellis