An amazing weekend down at the NZ Nationals this weekend.

Sterling efforts from Aum, Grey, Heather, Fritha, Morgan and Krista, over 8 very tough events.

Afterwards (in between discussions over what kind of delicious foods to celebrate with...), I advised them to take one rest day per event.

There were eight events.

So that is EIGHT days off......

Actually, one of the events was pretty short, so we settled on seven.

Now, that information might freak a few people out.

How on earth could you spend that long away from the weights without losing all your fitness?!?!?!?

Guess what?

You'd actually be FITTER.

Even though the events of a competition are intended as a test, they are still a training stimulus, especially being so much more intense than your standard workouts, plus a greater than normal volume.

So, if you were to match that stimulus, with sufficient time to adapt, you'll be laughing a week later, and ready to keep charging.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't move at all.

Anything low impact, and low intensity is ok, double down on your mobility etc.

Now, this advice can carry over into a normal training week too.

Yes, we structure the weeks pretty darn well, if we do say so, but once in a while, thanks to constant variance, you're going to hit a combination of movements and reps, that might make you question the next scheduled training day.

Let's make it clear, it's always smart to take an unscheduled rest day, if you feel like you just received a higher than normal dose.

And then the day AFTER that, when you're FITTER, come back and crush it.

Darren Ellis