One of the many cool things about being part of this global fitness community, is that there is almost always a gym with familiar training and like minded people in any place on earth.

It can be a lot of fun to sample the fitness from other gyms, buy a t-shirt, perhaps gain some local knowledge of the area, restaurants etc.

But we often recommend people DONT seek out CrossFit gyms on vacation....

So often, they’re out of the way, not on public transport routes, which means it can sometimes take 3-4 hours to get a workout in.... not to mention that if doing this regularly it can certainly add to your holiday expenses.

If your hotel has ANY sort of gym, you can throw together an effective workout.  If there's no gym, you carry squats, burpees, lunges, pushups and handstands everywhere you go.......

Last year in Madison, where the CrossFit Games themselves were hosted.... Krista and I had more workouts in the hotel gym with just a pair of dumbbells and a pullup bar that hit your head on the ceiling, than we did at the local CrossFit gyms....

A lake swim and some mountain biking topped off the visit nicely.

Down at Roshni and Aaron's wedding this summer, it was great to drop in to CrossFit Wanaka for a session with some of the CFNZ crew, but it was equally great to swim in the lake every day, and hunt out the local playground for some pullups and pushups.

 However, if you're just getting into the groove of this regular training thing, I thought about the whole fitness holiday thing from another perspective.....

If you make an EFFORT to seek out a gym when you're away, having to figure out your transport there, travel times, class schedule, contacting the gym ahead of time for their drop in protocol, then the whole slightly awkward, working out in a new community thing, adjusting to different coaching and programming styles, AND paying $25 for the privilege, then you’re going to find training back home, with all the advantages of routine and familiarity that brings, an absolute breeze right?

If you find that on holiday you tend to find yourself spending more time at the buffet table, than you do moving your body, maybe it's worth using the routine and necessary scheduling of a local gym workout to ensure your habit is being strengthened rather than undermined.

That way you'll not only come home fitter, but you wont bring extra baggage with you..... ie. disappointment and frustration.

If you train when it's tough to, you'll crush it even more when it's easy.

Darren Ellis