"Pain + reflection = progress"

-Ray Dahlio

Daily exercise can become a chore, drudgery, punishment.

If you let it.

If you think of it that way.

Fact 1- we MUST exercise to be healthy.

Fact 2- we must exercise our entire lives to be healthy our entire lives.

If we accept the above facts, then HOW do we achieve this?

It's going to be uncomfortable at times.   A LOT of the time.

But you can use that discomfort and learn from it.

On the days that are tougher than usual, ask yourself why that was.  Did you just identify a weakness - technical, skill or mental?  Did you just figure out a new goal to chase this year?  Did you make the connection between what you ate on Monday, how you slept on Tuesday, the work stress on Wednesday and how you performed on Thursday?

Darren Ellis