"Health can now be concisely and precisely defined as increased work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains. Work capacity is the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force x distance / time (which is average power). Fitness is this ability in as many domains as possible."

CrossFit Journal 

Broad modal domains are fun.  It means we get to do a lot of different movements, a lot of different ways.

In the beginning they can really help with keeping things fresh, keeping us on our toes, interested, surprised, engaged.

But they aren’t really that necessary for those crucial early gains in fitness.

Turning up consistently, and drilling your squat, your press, your deadlift is the best way to get stronger.

Building your stamina and aerobic capacity with simple movements such as burpees, running and kettlebell swings never gets old.

For the intermediate athlete, looking for more challenges, it's important to be thinking about the goal for that day.  Is it to learn a new movement or is it to get fitter?

If fitness is the goal, then letting overly heavy or technical movements get in the way of a good workout is kind of crazy.

Of course, once in a while it can be the very best thing!

Just know what you're trying to achieve, and talk to your coaches about the best way to achieve it!


It's PR WEEK for our Panther cycle!  And following the slew of gold stars we're expecting this week, it will be time for an easier week, before we set some baseline measures for the next cycle - Rhino.  This will focus more on classic strength and power movements, you'll have a barbell in your hands more often, as well as continuing our fond relationship with odd objects.   The stability and balance you have build over the previous training cycle will hold you in good stead to work hard, move well and make excellent progress with less broad modal domains.

Darren Ellis