The CrossFit Games was in Madison, Wisconsin for the first time last year.

The small town centre meant everywhere you went, you were bumping into 'CrossFit celebs'

I've never really been much into stalking famous people, but when I noticed that Professor Tim Noakes was sitting right next to me at the Short Stack Eatery, I had to go an introduce myself!

He's recently been through the wringer regarding low carb nutrition prescriptions, for which he's been rightfully vindicated.

Another interesting area of research he's been involved in, is fatigue.

He has a theory that fatigue is emotionally driven.

The conversations you have in your head dictate the pace you can set.  The effort you can make.

This central governor does't only apply to work output however.

It could apply to simply turning up at the gym regularly.

It could apply to nutritional adherence.  To practicing skills.  To doing daily mobility.  And anything else in life that requires prolonged effort.

If you have already decided how hard it's going to be, you may be limiting your potential.

HERE'S an example of what's possible when you remove the governor (it may be a movie, but it's accurate)

Darren Ellis