Stephen King, one of the world's most famous and successful writers, tells a story about speaking at a conference, and during the Q+A, he gets asked what kind of pencil he uses.

As if knowing that subtle little fact, is the secret to becoming a great writer......

It's easy to get caught up in the fine details.

But the fact is, those are the easiest to change, but provide the lowest return.

The most common questions I get at nutrition seminars are;

"what type of protein powder do you recommend?" (steak...)

"what do you think about coffee?"   (it's great FYI.....), and;

"should I switch the milk in my coffee from green top to blue top?"

The macronutrient make up of 2 tablespoons of milk, will not make any difference to someone's nutrition unfortunately.  It's too fine a detail to matter right now.

As opposed to the broad details.

For example;

Eating real food

Chewing it well, with other people and without black mirrors.

Eating to satiety not till stuffed.

Showing up regularly

Practicing the basics

Maintaining a positive attitude

Encouraging others

Tracking your workouts (you could use our Wodify app.... or a pencil...... Stephen King recommends the Blackwing 602 #2.....)

Darren Ellis