It took me 2 years to go from 90 to  91kg on the snatch .

Krista just experienced the exact same thing, making a lift on Saturday, that has eluded her for almost 100 attempts.

Easy to get discouraged if focused solely on the outcome...

What are your goals? To win? To lift 'x' number of kilos? To run the fastest? To do more reps than last time? These are all outcomes. And outcome goals, are basically the adult equivalent of a child wishing they could fly or keep a pony in their bedroom. Generally unrealistic and likely to end in disappointment..... Instead, focusing on process based goals, not only allows a more systematic, step wise approach to your BHAG outcome goal, but it also allows you to ENJOY said process, as you gain an appreciation for mini-milestones along the way.

  • squatting with better range of motion

  • completing a set of pullups unbroken or with smoother movement.

  • keeping your toes together and pointed during handstand practice

  • nasal breathing only during the warm up

On the journey to heavier weight overhead, Krista has improved her speed under the bar, smoothed out the second pull, stabilised her lockout overhead, strengthened her midline during the liftoff, and increased both accuracy and stamina at sub-maximal loads. So it's actually been raining PRs for her all this time. Just not one particular PR. Fret over that one, or celebrate all the others?

Darren Ellis