Crazy thing announced recently, apparently a brand new organ has been discovered in the human body.

And it's possibly the biggest organ too!

If we're STILL discovering things about the human body after all these years, things which were right there in front of our noses,  it’s no wonder that the relatively new realm of fitness is such a nightmare.

No one seems to be able to agree upon anything....

Or at least, it can appear that way.

Because, as is so peculiar to us humans, we love to argue the minutiae.

However, it's not the small stuff that gets us the results we want.

What DO we know works?

- accountability to peers and coaches is the most effective at establishing and maintaining a regular training habit.

- movement that uses the most joints and muscles is generally better than isolated movements.

- eat real food, not too much, mostly plants (Pollan)

- more sleep and less stress is good.

- only train as much and/or as hard as your body can recover from and adapt to.

In the fitness and nutrition world, there always seems to be a new exercise, and new training regime, a new diet.

But unlike the amazing potential knowledge and medical progress we are likely to make with the discovery of the interstitium, there is nothing we are likely to discover in the next 10-20 years that can make us significantly fitter, or drastically improve our nutritional practices than the simple practices mentioned above.

I love to keep an eye on the latest research in this field that is my life's work

But the truth is, we know more than enough to get the job done right now.

Darren Ellis