This is Chad Vaughn, snatching 130kg in slow motion, to classical music..... freaking beautiful.

And the strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination demands placed on the human being are freaking huge.

The main aim of this exercise, despite the complexity of it, is simply to get the hip joint to straighten quickly.

This has very high value, as we see it everywhere in life and particularly sport.

However, we can achieve said hip extension with a much simpler power clean, and not subject a shoulder or hip joint to stress it is not trained for, or does not have the mobility to handle.

The exact order of this continuum could be forever argued, but I'm simply using it to highlight the number of options available to train almost the exact same thing and meet the requirements of any fitness capacity.

Snatch > Power Clean > Deadlift >Russian Swing > Sled Drag > Romanian Deadlift > Single Leg Romanian Deadlift > Glute Bridge

Olympic lifting of any sort too challenging right now?  We can slow the whole movement down and work the king of hip extension, the deadlift (with sumo, rack and farmer variations to accommodate mobility issues in the hips/back).

Maybe we add some speed back, but also add repetitions, with the Russian Swing, now we can get so much more practice volume of the hinging movement pattern!!

And so on and so on, every step down the continuum, generally allows us to do more reps with less system demand.

This means we can practice more, with less technical effort, less residual fatigue, and less recovery time needed between reps/set and/or training days.

Which means we get fitter, faster, safer.

If you have a spare 5-10mins to work on skills outside of training, you could do a shaky, unconfident handful of whatever movement is top of your goals list currently.

Or you could perform potentially hundreds of solid reps of a similar, SIMPLER version.

Kipping swings instead of muscle ups, Bulgarian squats instead of pistols, handstand shrugs and shoulder taps and static holds instead of HSPU, it's an endless list.

So much low hanging fruit there for the taking.

Bottle some up for winter.

And maybe we'll snatch then too 

Darren Ellis