I got chatting to an elderly gent at a corporate function on the weekend.

He told me about his long term trouble with back pain.

He told me how much he hated modern car seats because they exacerbated the pain.

“The old seats never caused me any trouble” he ranted to me.

I sneaked a glance down at his very large beer belly, wondering to myself,  which was more likely, that the advances in ergonomic knowledge and technology over the past 30 years has led to car seats that are destroying the human race's lumbar stability,  OR, was it the fact that this chap has gained 30kg of abdominal fat over the past 30 years??

It's so easy to have a disconnect, whether through a genuine lack of knowledge, or blatantly ignoring the truth; the thing that is just outside the line of sight of those blinkers.

But it’s a disconnect all the same.  If something isn’t changing, then it’s because of what you’re doing or not doing.

Change it.

Even if you're wearing blinkers, you can see a lot more with a simple turn of the head.

If you're unsure of which direction to look, ask a coach.

Darren Ellis