After the party that was Saturday and our grand opening, things are a little quieter around the gym this week, as we welcome both transferring members from CFNZ and brand new people just starting their CrossFit journey.  It's going to be old school this month, as we'll be coaching both newbie and veteran side by side in class, with plenty of staff on hand to ensure all levels are catered to.

If you're interested in CrossFit, get in touch to book your first session with us, it's FREE, as we know from experience that the best way to understand CrossFit, is to try it.  We have sessions on Mon- Fri at 630am and 630pm.


Back Squat 3 x 3+ 20 (S+C 5 x 5)

Farmers Walk
- 400m w 24's/16's

Sled drag
- 100m + 10 DBL KB thrusters 24/16kg, rest 2-3mins, 3 rounds.

Darren Ellis