In the past, our Spring Clean Challenge was the most looked forward to event on our calendar.

Eight to ten weeks of laser beam focus on nutrition, support, motivation and even competition from your gym-mates, and then a whole heap of cash on the line for the biggest physical transformation.

And we had some epic transformations too.

However just as many, if not more people, either stalled out halfway through, or made great progress only to regress as soon as the challenge ended....

For years, I'd long been aware of how important the psychological and behavioural elements were in nutrition, but I'd struggled to find a solid way to deliver education and support in this vein.    I turned down so much business for meal plans, and macro calculations, as I felt it was a complete waste of time.  I would just be 'giving fish' to people instead of teaching them how to catch their own.

This year we have two different ways for you to learn to catch fish.

1. The Whole Life Challenge

Despite the daily check ins, point tallies, and weekly tasks, I don't think of this as a challenge.  It's a lifestyle kickstart, or a recharge, depending on where you are at in your health and fitness journey.  Each week, for 8 weeks, work on habits that include sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and hydration.  Fitness too of course.......

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2. Procoach

Have you tried everything, when it comes to eating better?  What about going right back to the start and creating habits that last forever?  Nutrition is NOT willpower, it is behaviour.

Using Procoach software to deliver education, support and accountability, we focus first on building lasting habits, then on the prescription. After working with hundreds of people, both in-person and remotely, we know that accountability & daily progress is what separates the good from the great…

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"Procoach is easily the most comprehensive nutrition programme I have ever done. 

It is also an intense programme, in the sense that it is a year long, with lessons 5 to 6 days a week broken into two week "habit development" blocks.

The most impressive aspect of the programme is it is not a gimmick, life-hack or short cut to whatever success might mean to you. It really is a programme focussed on developing fundamental habits that need time to cultivate and are at times very challenging (sometimes even confronting). Kinda sounds similar to that concept of virtuosity im movement that we CrossFitters hold so dear to our hearts ... good things need a lot of commitment and consistent practice! 1% better everyday!

One of my goals has been to lose unnecessary body fat. I was around 97 kg when I started the programme and had fallen into some poor nutritional and lifestyle habits. In addition to fat loss, I also wanted to develop sustainable nutrional habits so I could be an awesome male role model for my then unborn son (and maybe show off a bit if he ever watches me in the gym 😉 ....).

I now sit between 92kg to 93kg and the next six months sees me zeroing in on one of my goals which is to get to 90kg. 

 There is so much to the programme which is of a very high quality, including ongoing personal support/coaching/encouragement/reality checking and excellent nutritional resources (which the inner geek in me often enjoys when I get the chance to read them...)."

- Nick Jones

Darren Ellis