Nick Blase joined us in August, but he started experiencing dramatic results as soon as he started the July Intro.  I caught up with him for a quick chat about his experience with CrossFit so far.

How did you discover CrossFit?

I discovered crossfit through a friend (CFNZ intern Aaron), we actually did a few sessions in his garage a few months prior to me starting with CFNZ.

What were you doing exercise wise before hand?

No real exercise really. I have never been a member at a gym or anything like that. I used to call exercise fishing & diving.

What was your normal diet like before and what do you eat now on a typical day?

My old diet was typical kiwi bloke stuff, toast for breakfast, pies and toasted sandwhichs for lunch, take aways, a heap of potatoes and meat for dinner with not a lot of greens. Together with a heap of juice everyday not to mention all the fizzy drink and sweets.

A typical day for me now is something like this;

Banana berry smoothie or bacon & mushroom omelet for breakfast

Nuts or fruit for morning snack

Ham or chicken salad or last night’s dinner leftovers for lunch. The occasional sushi is also a favourite.

Fruit or protein shake for afternoon snack.

For dinner normally a good protein meat with lots of veggies or salad.

What changes in your health, physique and performance have you observed since starting CrossFit? 

I’ve only been with CFNZ two and a bit months,and already I have noticed big changes. Fitness levels and strenght have steadily increased. I have more energy and motivation than I am used to and a general sense of well being. But most noticeably to me is my loss of weight, I started in the July intro at 100kg. After two and a half months of CFNZ the scale is now reading 88kg. I already need a new wardrobe, cheers CFNZ…

Darren Ellis