Memberships are provided on a monthly basis, with an auto renew payment that you control.  If you are getting the results you want, just let the payment roll over each month.  If you're not satisfied with what we do, or your situation changes you can quit at anytime. Fees are determined by how often you train per week,  as low as $12 per session. Compare that to our private training rate of $100/session!  CrossFit is basically cheap personal training, with the HUGE benefits of group motivation, support and accountability.

Research shows that the average gym-goer trains just over once per week.  This will not produce the kind of progress we want for you.  At CrossFit NZ, we average just over three times per week.  Commit to us and we guarantee results.


Private Training by appointment only.


$250 for 13 group sessions per month.

$300 for 24 group sessions per month

Darren Ellis