After your free trial, you will either love us or hate us.....

If it's the former, we have a number of ways for you to become a part of our community.


1. Enroll in our Intro Program ($250, or $200 if you sign up with a friend) – starting with 12 small group sessions; giving you a grounding in all our core movements – bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, basic gymnastics, barbell lifts and more. The aim is to progress your knowledge, technique and fitness to a level that will allow you to join our regular classes.

Intro Programs are currently starting every month (M/W/F 630am, or M/W 630pm and F 530pm). All 12 sessions must be attended or made up via a 45 min private session ($50 extra per session).

2. If you cannot make the scheduled Intro sessions, or have missed the start of an Intro and want to start immediately, you can opt for the Fast Track Intro – a series of six private sessions with a CFNZ coach ($500, discounted for multiple people). You also receive two free weeks of training in our regular sessions.

3. Experienced CrossFitters can join our regular classes with a reference from their previous coach.


If you can't make the scheduled sessions of the Groups, or you have injuries, or have been extremely inactive, you can book in times that suit you with one of our coaches.

We offer 9 private sessions over 3 weeks, plus 1 weeks free training in our main classes.

NB: Graduation from Privates to our regular classes is at the coaches discretion.  You may be required to complete extra classes.  We're not trying to fleece you here, but we have a responsibility to both you and our existing members.  We want you safe and moving well before you take the next step.

After your first month you can decide upon an enrollment option that suits you best.



Darren Ellis