Aaaaah, the ol' metaphorical journey.....

 When trying to get anywhere in life, the fastest way is the highway.

Straight ahead, flat out, no deviation from the course.

But sometimes that's a little repetitive.  It seems that you'll get where you are going nice and quickly, but it also carries risk;

- you might have a high speed crash

- you might just get really really bored.....

Cool thing is that you can always take a tiki tour, and get off the main road.

Back roads take longer sure, but they’re usually fun and there's more to see.

Sometimes you may hit a road block, and be directed to take a detour.   It makes no sense to fight that direction, stubbornly forging ahead wont get you anywhere, you'll end up worse off, when for the sake of a little more time, you could have enjoyed the scenic route and still got where you wanted to go.

As much as we might have big goals with our fitness, occasionally we'll strike a road block (injury) or get stuck on a long straight road that doesn't seem to end (a plateau).   In which case a rehab program, specialty skills class, individual design or private coaching session may be just the thing to get you back on course.    Our Performance+ track complements our class programming, with extra work to do before, after or separate to class, allowing you to choose particular sights to see on your journey depending on your goals.

Individual design has been a fantastic bridge into our group coaching classes, for those needing extra work on mobility, stability, post-surgery etc.  It's also the best way to work around schedule conflicts, attack specific goals (special forces selection, Ironman, muscle gain etc).

Private coaching complements the programming perfectly as a progress check, or a stand alone complement/booster to group coaching.

Individual design places are strictly limited, chat to a coach, (non-members get in touch about remote options) to find out more.

Darren Ellis