If there's one thing I like better than writing blog posts.... it's when our members write blog posts!

Always good to get some perspective from the community, and today Blair Smith is talking to you about our workout tracking system, and that old chestnut, "knowledge is power"


Wodify, it has been in the gym for a while now and some people love it and some people aren't really that interested in it..... let me give you my opinion on it.

The obvious aspect of WODIFY that is the competitive side of things, you can see what your friends have done, and if you lifted more, or did more reps than them, to see if you get bragging rights for the day. But what if you are not that competitive and that does not interest you at all?

Well, I have found that accurately recording my achievements has been essential in my improvements, and not for a typical reason either.

Lets take front squats for example, it was programmed last week for building to a heavy 4 rep. I arrived at the gym and saw this and I immediately set a goal of what I would think I would lift for that part of the WOD..... I thought 80-85kgs would be a decent effort as 4 reps is hard.

Enter WODIFY: so I log in, and I see the little graph line beside the front squat so I look at what I did last time..... and that was 95kgs, so I had already undersold myself in what I thought I would lift that day.

Now I believe 90% (I made up that figure, but it is lots) of successful lifting is believing that you can do it. So now I could re-set my goal for my 4 rep Front Squat because I now KNEW I could lift 95kgs so I could try to enter the mighty 100kgs club! Previously I thought I had no chance of doing that. (FYI I lifted 102kgs this day, BOOM!)

I think this is because it is so easy to stay in that 80% effort "zone" because 80% still feels HARD!

So entering your achievements into WODIFY every day you train can help remind you when you come to do that lift/metcon again of just what you are capable of and might help you to change your mind set from hoping you can to one of believing you can do it!

So check your history before you hit that WOD and go get your gold star!!

Darren Ellis