Rope climbs can be scary. That's why we do them.

Rope climbs can be scary. That's why we do them.

Talking to a couple of our newest members recently, and the same phrase came up with them....

It was along the lines of, 'this is actually nothing like what I thought it was going to be!!'

Which was to say, not as scary, not as extreme, not as DANGEROUS as they thought, or had heard from others.

Yet, it's actually true that part of  training here includes risk.

You are thinking I'm about to talk about risk of injury right now huh?

Dangerous movements, unsafe exercise, extreme levels of intensity, etc


I'm talking about risk of failure, risk of fear, risk of self perceived exposure to peers as a lesser person somehow.

The last one is just silly (but completely understandable when you're new to this), the community we have here is second to none, they want nothing but wins for you. In the beginning though, you have a long way to go before you feel safe enough.

But you have to go through the first two to get there.

And once you've overcome lesser risks, we'll just add tougher ones.

That doesn't mean outright dangerous.  If your back squat is 100kg, that doesn't mean you put 150kg on the bar to face your fear....

It means we find your limits, and we NUDGE you till your limits reset to a higher level.

Little by little.

Until you don't recognise the person you were when you joined us.

This approach works just as well outside the gym as within it.

Public speaking.


Asking someone out on a date (without relying on Tinder!)

Applying for a promotion.

Don't always play it safe.

"if you're not uncomfortable, you're probably stuck at an acceptable level"

- Cal Newport

Darren Ellis