One of the things I love about the way we coach and train, is how objective it is.

We have movement standards, range of motion demands, and work output measurements with everything we do.

If you didn't squat low enough, the rep doesn't count.

If you didn't hit the wall above the height line, the rep doesn't count.

If you didn't lock the weight out over head and show control, the rep doesn't count.

If you didn't do all the specified reps, your score is invalid.

In sports such as iceskating, gymnastics and diving, the scoring is based completely on HOW THE MOVEMENT LOOKS.

Not how many reps you did or how fast you did them.

Imagine that?

Instead of trying to get a sub 2 minute time for the workout Fran, the judge didn't count your reps or even your range of motion, but instead how upright your torso was, how straight ahead your feet were, how smoothly you locked the bar out overhead, and whether you were nicely balanced on your own two feet, no shuffling steps or collapsing arches.

Would that affect your time?

Or do you move like an iceskater already.....?

With this week being our Reset Week, before a new block of baseline testing, it's a great time to just train for the love of movement and how it makes you feel.  You can still work hard, but take your focus away from the time/reps/load and direct it towards mastery.  It might be a welcome break for you.

Darren Ellis