On the plane back from Regionals, I watched a little Louis C.K.

During one of his stand up comedy scenes he said, "My days start poorly because of the shape I'm in, because now, also, I'm 42, so I'm getting - I'm really on the decline. There's never going to be another year of my life that was better than the year before."

As a fellow 42 year old, I respectfully disagree.

I discovered CrossFit at around 30, and 2 years later I was fitter than when I was 22.

And now at 42, I'm fitter than I was at 32.

At 52, I fully intend to be fitter than I am now.

It could be that I wont be able to improve specifics elements beyond a certain point - strength, power and speed will be tough.  But I'll continue to work on muscle mass, bodyweight skills,  mobility, mental toughness and other things that I know are still far from tapped out.

Sometimes I think about the power of compound interest and what might have been, if I had socked away $100 a week from the age of 20.  But of course I spent it on travel and experiences.... which I don't actually regret.

But starting to save at ANY age, is better than not saving at all.

Because tomorrow, you'll have more money than today.

Sure, you might not be as wealthy as if you'd started sooner.

Starting to work on your fitness at ANY age, is better than not starting at all.

Deciding to start recording your training results, to track your body comp, your blood work, to visit the dentist more regularly,  learn to meditate, learn a language, take up a new sport, all offer much less return than if you'd started sooner.

But you'll still be better than yesterday.

Darren Ellis