Life that is.

Our society doesn't have much in the way of discomfort anymore.

Our advanced intellect and mastery of technology has allowed us to create so many labour saving devices, incredible feats of engineering and medical marvels that the most uncomfortable situations we encounter these days would have our grandparents ROTFLOL at us.

Functional fitness training like you'd encounter here with us, is perhaps one way that people are seeking out a level of discomfort.

The huge rise in the popularity of jiu jitsu (which we've talked about before HERE), with it's hard discipline not just in training but in control of ego, respect and patience, is no doubt another.

There has been a lot of publicity around cold exposure lately, and the physical and mental benefits it can impart.

Check out the Art Of Breath seminar coming to CFNZ in October, HERE.

We like to think we offer a few other things you might not get much of anymore.   Things that might be a little uncomfortable, and that a lot of people avoid in this day and age,  but all things that are definitely of great benefit.

When the robots take over all our jobs.....(I watched a packed class of people at a certain mega-gym exercising in front of a video screen last week), these are the sort of things that will remain between a coach and a student.

None of them are necessary for a good workout.

All of them are necessary for long term progress and fulfilment.

Constructive criticism


Work ethic

Peer pressure


Goal setting



Darren Ellis