Intensity and hard work are a necessary part of any effective training methodology, and none more so than ours.

 But without the word 'relative' in front of them, there is a danger of misunderstanding what hard work and intensity look like.

By relative, we mean your effort is in relative to your fitness level and your experience with the prescribed movements.

Understand that we are NOT going to tell you to 'go hard or go home'.

We're not going to call you out if you stop to rest.

We're not going to tell you to 'add more weight, ya wuss'

We're not expecting you to impress us with how much you can sweat, and hurt.

What impresses us is;

Seeing you listen to your body.

Improving range of motion before load.

Asking the coach for help with alternative training because you are tired, stressed, injured.

Embracing the beginners mind, enjoying both the learning of new skills as well as the constant practice and refinement of old ones.

Once you've got that stuff down, the other stuff can actually be an interesting (and safe) place to explore.

Darren Ellis