I wish that I could teleport.

As someone who loves to travel, the thought of being able to jump to another location or entire country in the blink of an eye is incredible.

Luckily I don't waste too much of day wishing this were true, because I know it's impossible.

Wishing for silly things doesn't help.

Daydreaming can be a good thing of course, just as long as we stay grounded in reality.

How good would it be to go to The CrossFit Games?

What about being able to snatch 150kg?  Imagine being that strong and powerful.

Did you see that 2.00:25 marathon record a few weeks ago?  Do you wish you could run that fast for that long?

Good thing we all know that wishing for things like these, doesn't make them happen....

WANTING them however, is a more realistic way to think about it, and can be framed in a way that allows you to make a realistic plan to achieve them.

Want yourself some awesome fitness?

All you have to do to get the things that you want, is work for them.

You'll also need focus, a good plan, patience, excellent programming, control of ego, a supportive community, a beginners mind, good coaching, and time

Plenty of time to do the work that is actually required.

If you're prepared to work, you can achieve anything you want.

But wishing gets you nowhere.

Darren Ellis