Block 2 of training will take us from the Baseline Week April 10, all the way through to PR

Week beginning June 26, followed by a Reset Week.

We’re going to harness our inner Leopards, and become supple, balanced, well moving


We’ll achieve this by;

● Working on single limb strength (Split Squats, Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts, Single

Arm Rows, Single Arm Press and Pushpress, Turkish Get ups, and other kettlebell exercises)

● Practicing unconventional weightlifting (Jefferson Deadlift, Javelin Press, Single Arm

Barbell Row, Zercher Squat, stone/deadball lifting, fat bars, sandbags etc)

● Improving gymnastic skill and strength (static holds, ring work, planche and lever

progressions, handstand and pull up work)

● Aerobic base building (no, we won’t program any 5km runs.... not that there’s

anything wrong with that right? But we’ll make things a little more interesting....)


The nature of constantly varied training means that we work on ALL aspects of fitness,

eschewing a more traditional periodisation model, because it’s a lot more interesting, a lot

more fun, and for normal humans, does a great job of improving capacity across broad time

and modal domains.


However, the very nature of effective practice, requires repetition. Combining the best of

both worlds, the programming across the year, stays true to the constantly varied

philosophy, but our four training blocks allow us to focus on certain elements, in order to

bring about some decent progress in those elements, and then maintain them.


This particular block - The Leopard, is probably most like an off-season training block. So

for those of you who consider the CrossFit Open the biggest event of the year, it’s the

perfect next step. For those who are just training to be awesome at life, see the above

paragraph, we’re simply going to focus on a few particular elements for 12 weeks to see

what kind of improvement we can make, before moving on to some others.


We know we have a few people keen to focus specifically on certain things also, so keep

an eye out for our Focus Tracks starting soon.  If you want to tack a little extra aerobic engine work

or strength accessory on to your daily training, this will ensure you stay in sync with the daily programming.


For those into the competitive side of functional fitness, our Performance+ add on is available free to Full-Time



And for people who want to dig deeper into certain elements of their training, this is a great time of year to

focus on strength development in either bodyweight or absolute strength, so stay tuned for more details

on our Gymnastics and Real Strength specialty classes, starting in a couple of weeks.

Darren Ellis