Robyn might be eligible for a SuperGold travel card, but she still carves up the slopes!

Robyn might be eligible for a SuperGold travel card, but she still carves up the slopes!

In the 9+ years I've been running an affiliate I have probably asked over a thousand people why they were considering joining our gym.  And 9 times out of 10 the answer was always "because I was bored doing x, y or z training program/sport"

There is no doubt that CrossFit has a lot to offer in the variety department.  And yet, there is a relatively recent development (certainly influenced in some part by the CrossFit Games), where athletes start to shy AWAY from variance.    And this 'resistance' seems to come mainly from the intermediate level athlete.

After those first heady days of massive progress, picking up new things every week, and PR'ing lifts and workouts left right and centre; things start to slow eventually, and the athlete has to work a little harder and show a little more patience to continue to see results.

But that can easily morph into a dogged repetition of either the movements that are already a strength, or excessively pursuing that one lift or movement that has been eluding them (pullups or muscle ups or double unders every day?), to the detriment of other work.

Both approaches are flawed, as all the movements in the 'middle' still need love in order to continue moving forward, but more importantly, so that you don't lose the massive stimulus that variance has on your physiology (and psychology).

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman coined the eloquent "Fitness in 100 words" and the final sentence in that eloquent definition, is "regularly learn and play new sports" , but the word sports could easily be exchanged with movement.  If you want to disagree on the definition of sport, we'll I've still got you with another passage from the same text, "mix these elements in as many patterns and combinations as creativity will allow.....routine is the enemy".  

In the gym, we aim for enough repetition to improve the major movement patterns, and enough variance to keep you interested and having fun.

This is the inspiration behind the weird skills we hit you with sometimes during warm ups.  Each day, something is in the workout that you have more than likely NEVER done before.   I can literally SEE the new neural cells being built in your brain (we take care of #1 and #3, #2 is up to you!), while you are trying to get your head around a Hawaiian Squat or a QDR Pushup, or a Single Arm Barbell Snatch......

Some of them are so out of left field that you might feel like you should be standing on a piece of lino with baggy pants and a backwards cap doing a back spin instead of fitness....... but I have news for you..... back spins ARE fitness.

And then outside of the gym, it's up to you to add as many other forms of physical movement practice that you can think of..

Darren Ellis