We talked about consistency in a post a while back, relating to consistency of practice, focus, effort.

Today's it's concerning training frequency.

Here's a hypothetical situation for you.

You join the gym.

You are all fired up and gung ho, so you get right in to training 5 times per week.

You keep this up for about 3 months, but then work gets busy, you miss a day, then another, and it bumps you off your rhythm, you end up not training at all for another 3 months.

That's ok, because you jump back on the wagon, all enthused now that summer is coming, and push hard for another month, only to get waylaid by the silly season of work functions and family get togethers, before disappearing again, because 'school holidays..'

Let's say you end up with a total of about 120 training sessions for the year.

Alternatively, you start with a more conservative approach, training 2-3 x week (call it 2.5 average), a frequency you KNOW you can always manage to hit, with your busy life no matter what it throws at you.

By the end of the year, you have managed 130 training sessions.

Basically the same amount of total training.

But which do you think has given you the best overall results?

Which do you think has left you in a better mental state?  Satisfaction, sense of achievement, empowerment and control etc.

Which carries less risk of injury, muscle soreness, frustration and stress?

It's more cheesy motivational stuff, but it's always worth a reminder.

The secret to health and fitness is to just turn up........and keep turning up.

Darren Ellis