Apple gets hate for change.

Constant software updates.

Ports that aren't compatible with other devices.

Getting rid of ports altogether!

No more headphone jack.. sacrilege!!!

But you could also argue, that they are just trying to predict (or even drive) the direction technology will take us.

At the lowest level, they are at least aiming to be at the forefront of trends.

At the highest level, they are not afraid to constantly evolve, in order to become the greatest they can be.

It was really interesting at the Pacific Regionals earlier this year,  to listen to a Reebok rep talking about the various Nano models and how some were better than others.  Why didn't they just stop after the Nano 2.0 (my personal fave)?

Because they want to take risks. They want to try new things. Because they want to evolve.

That can mean getting it wrong sometimes.  It can mean making big mistakes.

I was speaking to someone this week who said something along the lines of "you must have it pretty dialled in with this gym business after nearly 10 years."

I thought that was hilarious.

If we're good at anything, it was only because we messed it up first.

But although it might seem counter-intuitive, that has not scared us off from messing up more.

To ensure we are doing our absolute best by you, we need to constantly evolve.

I often hear people talking about the good old days.

I loved those days too.  They were raw and uncertain and exciting.

But we got a few things wrong.  We made mistakes.

However, I'm very proud that we learned from those mistakes. And we've never been afraid to say we messed up and to try a new tack.

The truth is that if we aren't changing we aren't growing.

2017 was a fantastic year.

But as it draws to a close, there are already so many new ideas in the works....

2018 will be even better.

How are YOU going to evolve in 2018?

Darren Ellis