You thought you were going to be reading a motivational article didn’t you?

Sounds like it should be on a tshirt....

Oh look it IS on a t-shirt....

Oh look it IS on a t-shirt....

Of course, off seasons DO exist in sport, to allow the body rest and recovery.

If you were always training like you’re about to represent your country at the Olympics next month, how long do you think you could keep that up?

Varying the intensity and volume of our workouts, mean that you can sustain your motivation, energy and enthusiasm across the entire year. And the constantly varied nature of our programming means that we can continue to make gradual and long term progress without dedicated off seasons.    It's kind of like the off season is 'sprinkled' across the year, like Salt Bae would season a fine cut of meat.

Before every session, the coach talks about the intent of the workout.

Most of our workouts are 'training' days, and technique days, where the purpose is simply to get better.

That doesn't always mean lift more or run faster.

It usually means move more efficiently, learn lessons, understand more.

Our testing days are where we want you to bring it.  Where you push for new personal records, race your friends, and enjoy the thrill of the chase.  Tenacity days are where you dig deeper than you've ever dug, battle those inner voices and achieve things you didn't think you could.

This can mean you might walk into the gym dog tired, when we're testing.

Conversely, you may walk in full of beans, ready to dominate, and it's a technique day.

In both situations, they are not days to PR.  It can be frustrating at the time, but remember that you're playing the sport of life here, there is no off season, and you'll have a chance to do something amazing at your next workout.


This week we are retesting baselines set back in October.   Can not WAIT to see what you all achieve.

Do your best this week to eat and sleep well, to arrive early enough to warm up sufficiently.  To research your old scores in advance so that you know what you're chasing.

Darren Ellis