Apparently this acronym actually stands for a lot of different things.

Your Best Friend.

Young, Black and Fabulous.

You've Been Framed....

I've always read it as, You'll Be Fine.

Recently, in conversations with clients and other gym owners, the topic of danger has come up alot.

Dangerous movements, dangerous programming, dangerous competitions, dangerous coaches.

And it can be so easy to get swept up in it.  We focus on the 5% instead of the 95% of positive elements.  So much so that we miss the chance to learn.  I'm as guilty as anyone of this.

But the thing is, part of the reason we train with so much emphasis on movement quality, body awareness and mastery, is because of the buffer it creates for when things don't go so well.

You’ll be fine.

If you move well.

If you respect your team mates.

 If you listen.

If you have peripheral awareness.

If you ask questions.

If you don’t bank your entire self worth on the outcome.

If you use common sense.

If you take responsibility for your range of motion.

If you treat dangerous events as opportunities.

Darren Ellis