Have you ever read one of those biz articles that talk about the pay packets that the big corporate CEOs are on?

They're getting lots of zeros.

It's not uncommon for these top earners to be making in one WEEK, what we would make in one YEAR.

How on earth can this be justified?

We all have the same week right?  168 hours for everyone.

Surely they aren't working all 168...  so does that mean that they are just working like absolutely freaking demons for 40 hours?  Slamming Red Bull every 10mins and just being hyper-productive??

Not at all.

In fact, if you followed one of them around for the day, you might find yourself getting kinda pissed off, because it may seem like they are not really doing much at all!!

It's all about the value the business gains from their work.

If they head out for 9 holes of golf and bring home new accounts worth millions, then they've had a pretty productive day.

Compared to the CEO that was cold calling people for 6 hours straight, and then yelling at his staff for the next 2 hours to work harder, the first CEO was the smart one right?

Where is this story going?

It's to do with a trend I've noticed in the fitness industry.  We're embracing tech as fast, or maybe even faster than other industries.  There is no denying the power it can have on adherence, motivation, goal setting and tracking etc.

Heart rate is one that I think needs to die a natural death.

I'm seeing these gyms popping up, where they strap you to a heart rate monitor, and then you see how high you can get your heart rate and how long you can keep it up there.

All it's measuring, however, is your physical output.  It can't track your mental effort, your deliberate practice, your deep focus, when you work through skill and technique, when you are using mental rehearsal and visualistion.

It's not going to give you 'points' for warm up sets, cooldowns, recovery flows and mobility work, because the only data point (your heart rate) will not be high enough.

Going deeper, if we are looking to train/test aerobic power, lactate endurance, anaerobic capacity or strength, these will all produce very different heart rates.  Higher is not always better.

Working harder does not always earn you more money.

Harder is not always better.

Yep, it's that ol' chestnut, you see it coming don't you....

Here it is.....

Work smarter.

Darren Ellis