It was so great to hear some of you talking on Saturday about the big performance goals you had for the end of the year.

Way back during my first years in the fitness industry, part of my role was to sit down with gym members to write them a new program every 8 weeks.

First thing would be to ask about their goals.

With few exceptions, I always got the same answer, and literally word for word.

‘I just want to get a bit fitter’

How very average and unexciting and mediocre………  you know how we feel about that 'just' word....

Maybe it’s our kiwi modesty, not wanting to make bold statements, or to set too a high benchmark, for fear of failure or embarrassment.

Maybe people just don’t even know what they are capable of, and couldn’t comprehend setting a lofty goal, or committing to the time it takes to achieve.

Nowadays, most people that we consult with here, have more of a handle on what they want to achieve, they understand it takes time, are already motivated, and are ready to be coached.  So we don’t tend to hear it as much.

But when we do hear, I ‘just’ want to get a bit leaner for summer, or I ‘just’ need a bit of strength so that I can go back to doing insane running mileage, or the classic, I ‘just’ want to get a good sweat on, and it’s more extreme version, I ‘just’ want a workout that smashes me…..

…… the radar pops up,  as it seems like you’ve only thought a few weeks ahead, and you've also 'just' lowered the bar on yourself and what is possible.

Then, let's not forget the even more dreaded, I 'just' did the Fitness workout, or I 'just' did banded pull-ups....

CrossFit's slogan is “Forging ELITE Fitness”.

That doesn’t mean arrogantly elite.  It means we’re not satisfied with Forging GOOD Fitness, or Forging OK Fitness, and certainly not Forging JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE Fitness.    Elite simply means not satisfied with average, because average is where ‘just’ lives.

Why settle for average?

Darren Ellis