Something that REALLY means a lot to me, is our potential to coach people in more than just physical fitness.

Taking a moment to express gratitude for even simple little things, has been shown to significantly increase happiness and life satisfaction.

As it is our mission to increase the quality of people’s life, helping them improve their gratitude muscles is a no brainer.

I sporadically fill out a gratitude journal before bed, sometimes upon waking.   When I do, it’s always an incredibly satisfying thing to put on paper, sometimes, you realise you have already forgotten some of the great things that happened that day.   It is so easy to get caught up in the busy struggle of daily life and constantly focus on the next task while never looking back to appreciate what has happened.  This can apply to our achievements in the gym, as well as any aspect of life.  You’re not going to PR everyday (hopefully I haven’t burst anyone’s bubble!!).  Some weeks are tougher than others and sometimes it can seem like progress has halted completely. But plateaus are inevitable and roadblocks will always be encountered. It’s our mental approach to these moments that can help us to continue moving forward.

Just over a year ago, we made Mondays a chance to state in class, one quick thing you are grateful for from the weekend.  Whether it was a delicious dinner you had on Sunday night, that you got a sleep in, didn’t have to work, or had an awesome training session or adventure with your friend on Saturday morning. No need to try and impress 'The Joneses' with the awesome things that happened to you, in fact, small gratitudes are often the best.  But hey, if you got a promotion, went on an awesome holiday, or scored a date with that hottie you’ve been stalking on Facebook, then feel free to humble-brag!

Now, just like learning to snatch or do a handstand pushup, it was tough at first.

There was a little resistance here and there....

But that was just because gratitude muscles can be as weak as your hamstrings or lats, and like skeletal muscles, we can make them stronger.

And in time, it gets easier…….

And then enjoyable……

And then you’ll want to do more of it….

A year after making this a weekly gym practice, I still love hearing from everyone the little and big things that make them realise that Mondays are pretty darn awesome.

Darren Ellis