We talk about the intent of our conditioning work during the brief each day.  The targeted energy system, the expected length of the piece,  how it should feel, potential bottlenecks to be ready for, and movements likely to need to scaling, in order to achieve the desired stimulus. We can call it pretty good most days too.  We'll give a 2-3 minute buffer around the expected finish time, and at the end of the day almost everyone has fallen pretty squarely in that range.  Except for the metcon martyrs. 

In the old days, many people would take the attitude of finishing a workout, no matter what, no matter how long it took. Admirable for sure. But productive?  Sure, once in a while it is actually a good thing.  Mental toughness, satisfaction, lessons about pacing and scaling etc. But if this is happening every day, not so much.  It means you are probably working at the same, moderate intensity every day, the exact intensity, aka CHRONIC CARDIO, not the most desired energy system to be building if you want to be strong, lean and healthy. The coaches have got your back.  They want everyone to have the most productive workout possible and that usually involves adjusting the movements, weight or reps in some fashion..   Don't pull a Harry Stamper in Armageddon and nod your head when the coach suggests a sensible weight to use, only for them to turn around after 3,2,1, Go to see you getting crushed under twice as much......!! 

Darren Ellis