“If you cannot move your body and control it, then what business do you have moving other objects?”

- Ido Portal

Wednesday's strength session was a circuit of simple, static bodyweight holds.  In every class, after the first round, everyone started to puff a little, and make a bit of noise...... yes, including me!  These things are hard work, and are very beneficial.  But they don't always seen to hold the same 'cool factor' as the movements they lead to (handstand pushups, pullups, ring dips, muscle ups) or traditional weighted movements with barbells and kettlebells.

Are you kidding me?!  Static strength is awesome!!

Just a little static strength needed here.....

Just a little static strength needed here.....

"Don't add strength to dysfunction."

- Gray Cook

Yet another pearl of wisdom.   What we could take from both of the above quotes, is the advice that a movement, done poorly, is only going to get worse if we increase the range of motion, and/or add loading to it.

Want a huge deadlift?  Can you perform an empty bar good morning with a rigid spine?  Single leg Romanians?  Heavy Russian swings?

Desperately want a muscle up?  How is your false grip hang?  Your ring dip support?  Your hollow rock?  Your strict TTB?

Wondering why back squats are so tough, yet pistols, lunges, and wallballs crush you?  The clues are there.

Darren Ellis