It's not the years in your's the life in your years....

Heard that quote before?

Chatting with a fellow traveller at brunch today, it was fun to reminise about the good old days.  Sometimes it's quite amazing to realise how much I've done.  Of course, I'm not in the slightest bit satisfied, but I am very grateful for the vast amount of experiences I have accumulated at what is generally accepted to be approximately my halfway point on this earth.

How much life have you managed to fit into YOUR years so far?

I'm not talking about just existing, that doesn't count.  But also, don't think I'm asking you to compare journeys down the Nile,  encounters with wild animals and war torn countries with me, in some game of one-upmanship.  No judgement at all here, just asking you to look deep.

There is certainly got to be a middle ground of satisfaction of time well spent, from lifelong memory type occasions, to simple, but cherished memories with good people/places.

This quote also applies quite well to your training.  Our sessions are 50-60mins long, and sure, some of you have the luxury to spend 30mins either side of that to work on other things, but many people (especially the morning crew) need to get in and out pretty quick.

Make sure that hour is filled with good quality training.

While waiting to be served at a little hole in the wall restaurant in Phuket on holiday a couple years ago, the waitress kept poking Krista's biceps and abs.  "How many hours per day do you train?", she asked.  The answer of about one hour was very surprising to her.

If you stay focused, and strive to wring every last drop of learning/training out of your class, you don't have to worry about training all day, double sessions, and extra homework to ensure progress.

Make every strength set challenging, strive to move as well as possible on every rep of Olympic lifting, seek the best possible position during gymnastic skills, and push for a suitable level of intensity in all conditioning work.

It's not the hours in your training, it's the training in your hours.

Darren Ellis