Congrats Coach Tracey on the win at Taurus NZ Nationals!!

Congrats Coach Tracey on the win at Taurus NZ Nationals!!

Work/time = Power = Fitness

In other words do more work in less time.

But work = force x distance.

I know the distance isn't a problem, given the amazing range of motion and standard of movement everyone demonstrates on the daily...

However, force is sometimes, another matter.

If speed becomes the only concern, sometimes the load on the bar is lighter than it could be, in order to go fast.

Generally, fast movement is what we're after, with excellent form of course.   But scaling the crap out of the workout, just so that you can go fast doesn't always help...

Force = mass x acceleration

If we decrease the mass too much, then all the acceleration in the world wont give us the force we need, to do the work we need.

Sure, it can be tough to figure out the right weight every time, every day is a new challenge, different exercises, rep schemes and time domains.  Don't despair, all it takes is some practice.  And don't forget, you have plenty of help/advice/gentle goading from your coaches 

Hey, I get it, math is boring.

Power however, is exciting.

Especially when it = more fitness...

Darren Ellis